"Labyrinth Table" 1st place winner 2017 Veneer Tech Craftsman Challenge furniture category

"Labyrinth Table" 1st place winner 2017 Veneer Tech Craftsman Challenge furniture category

J. Morgan Woodworking produces fine handcrafted furniture. Built in a variety of styles from luxurious marquetry pieces to modern and rustic designs. With core values of thoughtful design, superior craftsmanship, and sustainability, Joseph Morgan creates original heirloom quality furniture for every space at his Northern Minnesota studio. He also specializes in the fine arts of hand-cut Marquetry, Parquetry, and Inlays. Incorporating these techniques into select, award winning furniture pieces.

Please explore within and discover the array of handcrafted furniture. Perhaps you will allow us to create a custom piece to perfectly fit your needs. – Joseph Morgan


Marquetry is the fine art of creating inlayed images or pictures with wood veneers. By carefully selecting various species of woods based on their color, figure and grain texture, an artist can create beautiful images. Other materials, such as shells, stones, metals, and plastics, can be used to enhance the desired effect of the image. 

Parquetry is the process of creating angular shapes of squares, diamonds and rhomboids to create beautiful repeating geometric patterns into cabinetry and furniture. It also makes a wonderful background for a marquetry image.

Furniture Collections

Each piece of furniture celebrates the natural beauty of the wood. Inspired by old world timber framing along with organic shapes found in nature. These pieces were created as a necessity for quality handmade furniture that is priced to fit the budget of a greater audience. All the while keeping with our core values of Thoughtful Design, Superior Craftsmanship and Sustainability. No two pieces within are exactly alike. Each piece is hand crafted to order, one at a time in our Northern Minnesota studio. Built for a long useful life, lasting for generations.